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Distrust and disrespect for our Nation’s Heroes is at an all-time high and increasing at alarming rates. Believing that this is mostly due to a lack of education Our Hero Warrior Foundation is setting out to help alleviate this countrywide problem while helping us to get to know our Heroes better. Therefore, the purpose of Our Hero Warrior Foundation is to help build and promote trust and respect through the means of educational awareness, towards our military and first responders, and all others who put their lives on the line for the sake of our Nation’s wellbeing. Our Hero Warrior Foundation seeks to achieve these objectives both directly and indirectly by the following means:


Our Hero Warrior Foundation continuously seeks out to provide opportunities in which it can bring the public and its Heroes together. By doing so Our Hero Warrior Foundation will provide opportunities for healing bonds to be created. This will be accomplished by holding gatherings, such as the following, while keeping in accordance with the local laws and the legal acts as permitted by limited liability companies holding a 501(c)(3) designation:


Meet and Greets

Social Events and Gatherings

Indoor/Outdoor Festivities

Sometimes these will be done with the purpose of honoring our Heroes while other times it may be done with the intent of getting the public to enjoy themselves alongside our Heroes. By setting up such opportunities, it is the hope of the Foundation to foster healing seeds of respect, trust, and unity..

Alongside these objectives Our Hero Warrior Foundation will also be seeking out to record, preserve and distribute our Heroes stories and all other accounts of their heroism, patriotism, and general good will.


The Foundation will also serve to help others who have ideas of companies or organizations that would help foster trust, love and/or respect for our nation’s Heroes. To accomplish this the Foundation will stand as a central point where advice and aid can be found in order to strengthen ideas and help them achieve their desired success. Help in this way will be offered freely and can range from simple guidance to full business coaching. Each idea will be evaluated for its feasibility and potential impact. The result of this evaluation will help the Foundation set a plan of action to convert the idea into a quality concept that is ready to take off.

Once at this point, the Foundation would also offer to present the now quality concept to investors in order to bring the idea to life. In this way the foundation’s website will become a platform established to place these vetted ideas in front of real potential investors.

Using this plan of action, the Foundation will come to be known amongst investors for bringing forward high-quality turnkey concepts with a potential to bring great benefits. Likewise, the Foundation will also come to be known among entrepreneurs as a great resource available when the goal is to help our greatest Heroes.

Through these efforts Our Hero Warrior Foundation will help expand education of our police, military, fire, and medical fields and in so doing it will indeed promote trust, respect, and love of our country’s Heroes. When all is said and done, the organization will help close this economic divide that is currently tearing this Nation apart.

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