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Growing up in Utah’s beautiful Salt Lake Valley I was shielded from much of the social ills that were permeating throughout our great nation. One such issue was a lack of respect that seemed to lurk in the shadows throughout the country. I would hear of it from time to time, first against our Military and then more towards our Heroes in Blue. This lack of respect toward those that risk it all to serve and protect others always bothered me, yet it always seemed so far away.

Working as a collections specialist I was often surround by individuals, mostly in their early twenties, that weren’t the most upstanding in character. One morning I showed up early and started to prepare myself for the day. While so doing I became aware of the conversation going on around me. It started with boasting about how many DUI’s they had as if it were a badge of honor and even pulling up mugshots to prove it. Soon the attention on DUI’s changed when someone said that they hit the cop that arrested him and it was quickly learned that several have had similar encounters, and the conversation continued on as if hitting the cops was a good thing. I could not believe what I was hearing. Such distain and disrespect. Suddenly my bubble as it were had just became a lot smaller.

Finally, our manager came over and right away told them off saying. “You guys have no clue what you’re talking about!” Silence came over everyone and then with a smug grin he added “I had 5 DUI’s, hit three cops, and had an all-out brawl with another!” Just like that my bubble burst! I quickly came to realize just how thick and broad this hatred for our first responders had really become, and I could tell that it was only going to get worse; but I had no idea how prophetic that would become!

In that moment I also came to realize that I could no longer be working at that establishment. Later that night I was pondering the events that had occurred and found myself checking the availability of different websites when the name Our Hero Warrior Foundation popped into my head. Surprisingly it was available, and I quickly snatched it up and thought: “Now, what do I do with it?“ It didn’t take long at all for ideas to start pouring in my head and Our Hero Warrior Foundation was on its way to reality.

-Robert K Esplin

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